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Teamwork's changed. Now every employee has a smartphone - or two. And you'll often find them working from home, from corridors or at hotdesks; on campus, in branch offices, factories, hospitals, and on the move. There are conversations everywhere, and our innovative desk phones, cordless handsets, softphones and collaboration applications help them happen.

Here's why customers choose our business phone systems:

A simple, consistent experience across desk phones, cordless handsets and applications.

Server redundancy, local full-featured redundancy and networked systems options offer automated high availability for mission-critical communications.

Cost-effective design options: 
Hybrid analog, digital and IP connectivity, scalable virtual machines and networked systems cut costs and reduce upfront investment.

Flexible models:
From premised based solutions (OmniPCX Enterprise or SMB best-fitting OXO Connect), to Rainbow's cloud-based collaboration and integrations, to OpenTouch applications and communications as a service; all options are open, anytime.

Business Phones :
Looking for professional, intuitive and cost effective business phones

View and download the Alcatel-Lucent Business Phone e-Catalog.

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